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Tips to Launch your Android or iOS App in Indonesia


In 2020, Indonesia had 156 million smartphone users (Think with Google). At least 60% million Indonesian are users of smartphones, including iPhone, Android Phone, and other devices, a figure that is growing. Translating and releasing your Android or iOS app for the Indonesia market may increasing your app user acquisition (UA), since this country has 3X the global rate on new internet user growth rate (Think with Google).

With that in mind, let’s explore key factors that can help your application succeed in Indonesia.

Launch in popular app categories

Smartphone users in Indonesia spend several hours a day consuming digital content on their mobile devices. The top categories are social media and messaging, followed by eCommerce, streaming, and entertainment. Music, sports, and movies are also popular on mobile, as well as news and TV apps.

Localize your pricing

Rupiah (IDR) is Indonesia’s official currency. Indonesia consumers prefer using popular digital wallet (e.g. GoPay, Ovo)¬† or direct carrier billing (charged to their mobile phone bill) for most digital and non-digital payments. The next most popular payment type is bank transfer, debit card, and credit card.

Consider font, layout, and user interface

Depending on the context and circumstance, Indonesian can be a very defined and exact language, resulting in long sentences and even longer words. Avoid the temptation to shorten them though, as meanings can easily become distorted. There is no typical Indonesia font, so choose one that feels right for your app and target audience.

Adapt your user acquisition strategy

Social media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook) and YouTube consumption in Indonesia  is among the highest in the world, and many app or game developers use these platforms to successfully reach and engage their target users.


Indonesian in general are accepting of outside cultural influences, and the market for mobile application is no different. However, translation into Bahasa Indonesia is still essential to maximizing the opportunity to gain downloads and users.