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These Big Companies That Emit Bigger Profits After Launching A Mobile App


Do you know Amazon, Netflix and Starbucks?

They’re companies and that have been reaping greater profits after launching a mobile app.


Global e-commerce like Amazon are expanding their reach and dominance in the bold market sector through the launch of their apps. Their vision of providing the most comfortable and integrated shopping experience is the main reason for the launch of Amazon’s mobile app. Amazon’s view of consumer behaviour through growth of people doing bold shopping has opened up the opportunity to provide an optimal customer experience.

Now Amazon well-known as one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world with a wide range of products and fast delivery services. Not only as it fast in accommodation, the Amazon app is also designed to be able to provide a set-up shopping experience that is easy and intuitive for users.


Netflix as the world’s top 1 film and series entertainment provider, is also one of the companies that earned the biggest profits through its services in the app. As a strategic step for Netflix behind the phenomenon of consumer behaviour change, technological advances, and the ambition to be a leader in the global entertainment streaming industry. Let’s peel-off the background of Netflix mobile app.

Since the presence of a mobile app, Netflix can continuing grow its business by increasing user engagement, also being a step of expanding reach to the world. The key factors are the evolution of the entertainment industry and market growth needs. With the development of internet technology, there has been a huge shift in how people consume entertainment content. This demonstrates the great potential of providing streaming services rather than traditional TV channels.

The society these days tend to use mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet to access the internet. This versatile device brings people to start leaving the viewing style for personal entertainment with TV. Another advantage that Netflix’s streaming service has is that people can play the entertainment content they want anytime and anywhere.

It’s indeed easier for user to access content catalogues that match their style, watching trailers, content managing, and enjoy their favourite content quickly and smoothly. The mobile app allows users to easily enjoy varied content on their screens.


No one who doesn’t know this coffee brand and coffee shop network. This globalized company is currently as symbol of modern coffee culture. Not only they known for the coffee-quality, but also for the comfortable and atmosphere of their shops.

So, are those good things enough to be the reason why Starbucks has good smells whether for the brand and its coffee?

The launch of a mobile app is part of their strategy to increase customer engagement in order to enhance the shopping experience and service expansion. There’s a mobile app that allows customers to order drinks before they arrive at the store so they can take orders instead without having to wait.

the available features are also quite beneficial to users such as integrated payments, storage of purchase history, along with the rewards that customers can enjoy from accumulated points that can be exchanged for goods or beverage products. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Another interesting thing of Starbucks mobile app is, every customer can customize orders to their personal preferences. For example, the coffee types, milk, syrup, and topping that suits you. This involvement makes the app as a media for Starbucks to interact directly with customers through feedback features. In addition to provide relevant and valuable content, Starbucks can also deliver good news to customers such as latest news, new products, special events, promotions and even discounts.

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