Ways To Optimize Website Contents

Ways to Optimize Website Contents


In SEO, one of the important factors to achieve successful strategy is by paying attention to The Ways to Optimize Website Contents which has been planned or still in the planning. Optimizing content is the main strategy to apply SEO well.

In operating SEO strategies for a website, contents optimization becomes one of the important pillars together with website technical optimization. Both cannot be separated. While technical optimization is aimed to maintain the site, the contents will be something that can be offered to the audience.

Optimizing Website Contents

In optimizing contents on the website, you must pay attention to some factors, such as who the contents are provided for, what will be inside the contents, and applying keywords so that the search engine or Google can track the contents.

Furthermore, the quality of the contents also becomes the determining factor to whether the contents you provide are acceptable by the audience or not.  Especially in optimizing contents, you have two audiences, the human and Google as the search engine.

Why are there two audiences? It is intended so that the contents you publish will have utilities, good qualities, and can be seen easily by Google. These are the things that you need to keep in mind if you want to optimize content for humans.

  1. You must master the topic of the contents in order to be relevant with your skill. It is required to create harmony between the experiences you have and the contents so that there will be no miscommunication. In addition, this is aimed to actually help the audience with your contents.
  2. Use suitable and considerably searched keywords in order for your contents to be easily found. You also need to choose the keywords that are commonly used by many people so that you can have a high traffic from the popular keywords.
  3. Your content must be different or unique and is not plagiarism. It has to be your very own original work or creation. Besides, try choosing a type of content that you can make consistently. Although you must be unique, you still have to consider types of contents that are shown on the top page of keyword searches that you use. This is because the search engine shows the audience’s most searched things.
  4. Use easy-to-understand  grammar and correct spelling. Before publishing any content, it is better to reread what you have written to revise the parts that don’t go well or are difficult to understand.
  5. Contain accurate facts. This is very important because some audiences will not read from the first until the last page. But, they will choose important parts which they search instead.
  6. Content must be readable, which means that the writing structure has to be understandable by audiences.

However, things that need to be optimized for google search engine are title, content description, tag header, and picture description.

Next, in Ways to Optimize Website Contents, you need to understand how the search engine or Google works, i.e. understanding what kind of techniques that the search engine uses because Google will analyze contents inside the website.

Not only that, you also need to identify types of market target that the company wants, even the audiences’ demographics and psychographics. Doing research of keywords that relate to your contents is also crucial.  In addition, you also need to analyze websites by using useful support.

One of The Ways to Optimize Website Contents is by constantly updating about what the audiences need.