Unlock Your True Beauty Potential with Diri Care: Understanding Beauty Beyond Appearance

Unlock Your True Beauty Potential with Diri Care: Understanding Beauty Beyond Appearance


In this digital age, virtually everything is digitalized, isn’t it? From economic sectors to education, healthcare, distribution, and even the finer details of society like beauty. Especially now, beauty has become a sought-after attribute for many, particularly among women. 

In facts, being beautiful significantly influences one’s value both in the real world and the digital realm. Yet, there are many crucial aspects that everyone should know in order to determine and evaluate human beauty. Education is essential in reducing instances of harassment related to beauty. Bullying such as body shaming, which we often witness and hear about, is a common occurrence. Perhaps unknowingly, we may have been participated in such practices ourselves. 

The ease of accessing information in this era is a privilege for everyone. It could be said that nowadays, if you want to learn about anything, you can. Everything is readily available with easy access. So, let’s cot confine ourselves within the trap of “feeling knowledgeable enough” to claim intelligence. Aspects of society that are right beside us hold values that we should collectively know. 

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Why is important to understand the value of beauty? 

Have you ever felt that beauty often serves as an added advantage for someone to acquire something? Unfortunately, that’s often the case. We frequently encounter individuals who excel visually, yet their potential does not match the visual appeal that led to their selection. So, is beauty truly important? 

Let’s discuss this together until we reach a conclusion. 

When you go to the market to buy a fruit, undoubtedly, you’ll choose the good ones, won’t you? Or in another scenario, when people shop for sugar, many of them will opt for the white, bright, and clean one. Beauty and elegance are not just consideration for owning something. Whether it’s something to be consumed or simply worn. 

Inherently, humans do have their own standards of beauty. Within the realm of beauty lie qualities such as kindness, goodness, pretty, fragrance, and other elegant values. This statement makes society tend to perceive everything with two sides, good and bad, or beautiful and ugly.  

In today’s world, everyone strives to present their best selves, aiming to be beautiful in the eyes of others, whether it’s someone special or simply for self-esteem. Both men and women in this era are more aware to style due to cultural shifts propelled by rapid growth of technology and information. Beauty standards vary from one country to another, but what constitutes a universally generalizable concept of beauty? 

In essence, because visual appeal is intertwined with human instinct, beauty indeed holds significance. However, it’s not paramount. 

The next question arises: Will beauty standards evolve? The answer is affirmative and the key lies in education. For me, education is pivotal as it determines the outcome of human civilization, ensuring a flourishing life on Earth.

As we delve into the realm of beauty education, several crucial points emerge: 

  1. Beauty is Health: When these of beauty education are juxtaposed, a new perspective emerges. Beauty isn’t solely about fair skin and slim body. Rather, it encompasses healthy skin and a well-proportioned body. Beyond the obsession with physical appearance, this notion encourages society to prioritize overall health. 
  2. Beauty in Diversity: Skin color often becomes a subject of categorization, leading to racism. The Classification of skin tones and their societal values stem from colonial legacies. It’s imperatives to convey in education that skin color alone cannot serve as a yardstick for beauty.
  3. Beauty from Within: You’re likely heard the term “inner beauty”. Besides its association with physical appearance, it’s deeply intertwined with social values. People need to broaden their perspectives regarding individuals who possess inner beauty, which can be gauged through their attitudes, habits, character, and knowledge.

If society comprehends these three aspects, people beauty standards will evolve become better. There will come a time when beauty isn’t solely defined by sharp features, large eyes, or fair skin. 

This information and education are at your fingertips. Are you familiar with Diri Care? It’s an online beauty clinic platform and brand in Indonesia. Their mission to define beauty standards and values in Indonesia is evident through the services and features they provide. They have a website and a mobile app that accessible anytime and anywhere. Here you can seek health consultations, expand your knowledge through their blogs, and even purchases beauty products you need. This effort signifies a genuine attempt to rectify misconceptions about beauty.

Diri Care leverages technology make life easier for people. Their initiative to digitalize their services is made possible through collaboration with Vodjo, offering services via their website and mobile application. As time progresses and convenience continues to evolve it’s predicted that future societies will be more educated and high-value oriented. Thus, being beautiful won’t just be a necessity: it’ll be an added bonus alongside the goals of becoming high-value individuals.