User Experience

The Ways to Increase Web User Experience


If you are planning to own a website or already own a website but your website still lacks of user, then you need to know how to increase web user experience. Why? Because it is crucial to make users love to stay on your page.

Managing a web does not necessarily mean you only need to think about the contents, but you also need to pay attention to the web so that it can attract users to visit or revisit. That is the reason why you need to know various things about how to increase web user experience.

Before going on to the next discussion about The Ways to Increase Web User Experience, you also have to understand what user experience is. User experience is the understanding of what the users need and how they search on a website.

Characteristics of a good website

Although a website needs to increase the user experience, things like market target and the planning of website management need to be considered to increase user experience. For example, if your website’s market targets are those in the health and medical field, then you have to consider their needs and the concept you want to use.

Besides, you also need to understand the characteristics of a website that has given good experiences to its users.

  1. Users find your website and visit it
  2. Not only visiting, users also search through different pages
  3. Users understand what you mean inside the website
  4. Through your website, users get what they need

However, the factors which show that your website has not given good user experience is when users spend a long time on your site but they don’t get what they need.

  1. Your site makes users spend a long time on it
  2. Your website is not easy-to-use
  3. Your website doesn’t give what the users need or want
  4. Your sites can’t be accessed by all users
  5. Your website quality doesn’t make users trust

The Ways to Increase Web User Experience

After understanding if your site gives the users good experience or not, it is time for you to understand The Ways to Increase Web User Experience

  1. The page that appears simple but can make users feel interested. It can be the logo placement, main menu, search feature, share feature, or the placement of icons and social media links.
  2. A structured text, starting from the title, the second title, sub-title, to the contents of the article. You also have to pay attention to the font size, type, color, and how the texts are placed.
  3. Do not make a website with a lot of unimportant things, such as animation, too bright colors, unstructured contents, and other things that can generate users’ inconvenience. Use a simpler design so that you only show important things.
  4. A clear link to be clicked. If users already find what they are looking for, then do not make them wait with unclear commands.
  5. The users’ habit is not reading contents from the beginning to the ending, but they tend to scan which contents they need. So, do not use unnecessary words or sentences. Besides, visual contents such as pictures, infographics, and others are more preferred.
  6. Next, you can optimize how your website works to give a successful user experience, like ideal site loading time or responsive design.

With these explanations, it is expected that you don’t only understand The Ways to Increase Web User Experience, but also can analyze the advantages and the disadvantages of your site.