The Importance of Maintaining and Updates Mobile App

The Importance of Maintaining and Updates Mobile App


While increasing technologies in this current era, people tend to use mobile phone as a main tool of daily basis in their palm. Mobile app as a third partial to engage the user with the company/startups & corporates. From business managements, bank, healthcare, educations, games, entertainments, until market place and beyond. People in this era merely want to put their interesting towards things that bring them an ease. People won’t to wait even for a while. The pressure of waiting brought them will change items immediately. This might happen to your business mobile apps if the maintenance is not proper enough. 

“Mobile is not only a digital hub but the bridge to the physical world. That’s why it will affect more than just your digital operations. It will transform your entire business”

-Thomas Husson

Thomas Husson as a Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrest Research, a global research and consulting company focusing on technology, business and marketing strategy. From what he said means that maintenance of mobile app is vital to ensure optimum performance at all times. 

Here’s the insights we provide;

Better user experience

The number said by statistic that most of global internet users are millennial and Gen-Z. This fact emits that the character of this group of generation have a higher interesting of using something that brought an ease. The awareness of Millennial and Gen-Z make them tend to use unique features but still has user-friendly experiences. They also supper aware of what kind of good apps must have. If something doesn’t stand with their expectation they likely to move to other choices since they know it’s provided (competitor apps). User interface experiences is matters for offering several other benefits of the features of your mobile apps. 

Things that as the importance of provide mobile apps for your business much more than the experience you give to the users. But also;

  1. Build long-term relationship with the users.
  2. Customer loyalty.
  3. Real-time interaction.
  4. Information resource about your products.
  5. Increase in user retention rate.
  6. Excellent reviews and positive feedback.

We can tell that investing a mobile app maintenance service to keep on or upgrade the user experience with way long to go in helping your company growth. 

Cyber Security

Rapid grow of technology also increasing cybercrimes. App developers should’ve ensured the security of the apps during development. But we know hackers are always looking for a crevice to leverage and steal users’ personal data. 

Updating app and maintenance means also using latest security protocols and ensuring there are no breacher to exploit. 

Downtimes and Revenue Losses

You know company such as Amazon Web Service, Blackberry, and Bank of America Online Banking are the example that endure a heavy financial loss due to downtime. We can tell those downtimes emit a huge damage towards the company. Make sure your apps is capable and developed by developer that expert in the field. Since mobile app maintenance can be exceptionally beneficial in limiting downtimes and reducing monetary loss. 

Implement comprehensive monitoring solutions to track app performance, server health, and other critical metrics in real-time. Set up alerts to notify developers of any anomalies or issues promptly. Keeping the app and its dependencies up to date with the latest patches and security fixes. Regularly review and update your app’s codebase to address performance issues and vulnerabilities. Those things are useful notes to avoid downtimes of your apps. 

Now you know what things you need to keep it on, don’t you? Just give your ring, let our expert cooking. We can talk here.