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How important is Meta Description in Website Optimization?


When you search on Google search engine, there have to be some brief descriptions which appear under the search result. Visitors will usually read those descriptions before they open the websites. This is what we call as meta description. Then, what is The Role of Meta Description in Website Optimization?

Normally, those descriptions are taken by search engines and they come from meta tag information. So, the role of meta tag is quite important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To make it clearer, let’s check these paragraphs below!

What is Meta Description?

Meta description is HTML tags that contain short summary and description about a website page. Meta description will appear under the URL of a website page.

On the search engine, meta description can usually appear together with meta title. The role of the description is as important as the role of the title tag. A brief description can make the users understand whether the content is corresponding to what they are trying to find or not.

Therefore, users don’t have to spend their time visiting and finding substantial suitable websites. You just need to read from the title and the description available on the search page.

Meta description also becomes an element that affects the optimization of On-Page SEO. The correct construction of meta description is able to increase your website’s visit traffic. It also can make your website be in a good position on the search page.

Is The Role of Meta Description Important in Website Optimization?

In fact, meta description is not necessarily needed since Google can easily take a description from your website content. But, the quality surely won’t be as good as your personally-made meta description.

By making your own meta description, you can add more details and be more appropriate with your content. Normally, the description shown on the meta description is also limited to only 150-165 words.

However, there is a newest update from Google. The description that is shown nowadays is much longer than it was before. Similar to the title tag, you can add your description manually via HTML by using this format:

<meta content='Description that You Want' name='Description' />

You can also add the description via Yoast SEO.

The Role of Meta Description in Website Optimization

The presence of Meta Description on website brings important roles as explained below:

1. Attracting more visitors

When you search through a search engine, the first thing you read must be the title of the content. Not only that, sometimes visitors are curious about what is offered by each content.

If the content description is interesting, visitors will actually become interested to click that content. This is why the meta description is important. It can affect the click-through rate, i.e. the number of people who click your content.

2. Increasing content relevance

In general, there will be some bold-typed words in the meta description. Those words include the keywords that are searched by website visitors. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the meta description before you upload a content. Make sure that the description you made is relevant with what visitors need.

3. Helping to promote content through social media

Nowadays, many people think that meta description is only a complement to a website or a blog post. The fact says contrarily. Meta description can appear on social media platforms.

The description can appear when a visitor shares the content to his/her social media. So, meta description doesn’t only help pursuing the amount of clicks on search engines, but also on social medias.

In conclusion, the role of meta description in website optimization is quite important. The usage of suitable meta description can help increase the amount of clicks of the content. This can help your website content to be more preferable by many people. Hopefully it helps.