Software Developer

Excellent Pay! Peek What exactly is a Software Developer?


A software developer is a person who comes up with new ideas for software programs. Most of what they do is make software programs for people to use.

This means knowing what customers want, making the programs they need, keeping an eye on how well they work, and updating them as needed.

Software Developer Classification

Some software developers focus on making specific apps and programs, while others make the basic systems that help these apps and programs run.

Because of this, Software Developers can be put into two main groups:

1. Application Software Developer

Application software developers make programs that run on computers. This could be a game, a word processor, or even software that people can buy.

2. System Software Developer

System software developers make the operating systems that make specific software programs work right.

This job is more about developing solutions for large businesses, such as software for industrial, military, medical, scientific, and general computing applications.

What does a software developer have to do?

A lot of the code for new programs or apps is written from scratch by software developers. They also keep code for existing programs up-to-date, check for bugs, and look for ways to improve programs.

They have to work closely with developers and other clients to ensure that the software meets all needs.

Software developers have different roles and responsibilities depending on their specialization, their industry, and their experience level. However, they all do the same things:

  • To develop software that meets consumer needs.
  • To monitor application performance through continuous testing and maintenance.
  • To develop upgrades for existing applications.
  • To document all work for future reference.

Software developers start making software by figuring out what the most important features users want from it.

After the program is built and tested but is hard to use, they go back to the design process to fix problems and improve the program. Once the program is out, it can also be updated and kept in good shape.

Software Developer Skills

To be a good software developer, you will need several technical skills. With new tools, platforms, and languages coming out every day, you need to know how to use modern technology and other technical things together to make a good product or piece of software.

As a software developer, here are some essential technical skills you should have:

1. Data Structures and Algorithms

Software development is based on having a good understanding of data structures and algorithms.

You need these skills to organize a lot of code with suitable structures and to solve specific problems in less time and space.

2. Programming language

As a Software Developer, you need to know at least one programming language inside and out. Which programming language you choose depends on what you want to do with it.

Here are some of the most common ways to write code:

a. Testing Basics

Even though software programs are given to testers before they go on the market, software developers need to know the testing basics to shorten the time it takes to make software.

b. Source Control

Source control helps programmers organize and keep track of their code. Developers who know how to use version control well are in high demand at many companies.

c. Database

Developers also need to know how to work with databases and manage them. If you don’t know about enterprise databases, you can’t make any software or apps for an organization.

d. Operating system

A Software Developer needs to know how different operating systems work and how they work. Windows is the most popular operating system among developers.

Software Developer Salary

Where a software developer works significantly affects how much money they can expect to make. So the pay is very different depending on where you live.

Because there is a lot of competition, salaries are higher in places with a lot of demand for software developers.

Currently, software developer makes the most money in the United States. The average annual salary is $ 107,502, equal to 1.5 billion rupiahs. Software developer salaries in Indonesia range from about 4.5 million to 41 million a month.

How to Become a Software Developer?

You can build a career in this field of software development in many different ways. Here are some of the most common ways to begin:

1. Graduate And Get A Bachelor’s Degree

Most software developers have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field and are good at programming.

2. Get Live Experience

Don’t worry if you can’t go to college and get a four-year degree. There are a lot of people who work as Software Developers who have never gotten a degree in Computer Science.

But they have also done well because they have worked in the field and are interested in it. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and so on come to mind.

Look for information about this topic anywhere, and then try to find more opportunities and hands-on experience to add to your portfolio record.

3. Get Training and Certification

If you have never coded before, you can take training programs or certification courses online or in-person to learn how to make software.

Software Developer Job Prospects

US News and World Report list the “100 best jobs” yearly. Software Developer is the only tech job on the Top 10 list for more than one year.

Software development is a great field to work in because it has a lot of room for growth, pays well on average, and is a comfortable place to work.

The American Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the number of jobs for software developers will grow by 22% from 2019 to 2029.

No matter how much experience you have as a Software Developer, it would be best if you kept up with new tools and computer languages because the field of software development is constantly changing at a rapid pace.

Software developers must keep learning new things about this so they don’t fall behind because it significantly impacts this work.


In this digital age, Software Developer jobs are on the rise, especially if you know the tasks and skills you need to learn and the salary you can get.

US News and World Report say that this job is also one of the best in the last few years. So, don’t be afraid if you want to try this or are just beginning. Don’t worry!