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Discover Top 9 Software House in Bandung


Bandung is renowned not just for its stunning landscapes, delectable culinary scene, and shopping destinations, but also for emerging as a major hub for information technology (IT) in Indonesia. This transformation is evident with the rise of numerous startups and software houses across the city. 

For those unfamiliar, a software house is a company specializing in software or application development. The services provided by these software houses are diverse, ranging from website creation, mobile app development, to ERP and CRM system development. 

Why should you consider a software house in Bandung? The answer lies in the city’s hallmark creativity and innovation. Beyond IT, Bandung has long been a cradle of creativity, and this spirit is vividly reflected in its tech enterprises. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 9 exceptional software houses either based in or operating in Bandung. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur, business owner, or corporate executive, finding the right software house in Bandung is crucial for the success of your application development project. 

1. Vodjo

Founded in November 2015 in Bandung, Indonesia, Vodjo is a software house with a team of professional developers skilled in creating websites, e-commerce, web applications, mobile applications, and custom enterprise solutions like ERP, CRM, and MRP. With over 100 national and global clients, including notable names like PLN, Jago Coffee, and Diri Care, Vodjo has established itself as a trusted technology partner. 


Address: Banda street No.30, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Bandung City, West Java 40115.

2. Mitrais

Mitrais is a well-established software house in Indonesia with decades of experience and a professional team of experts. Mitrais offers a wide range of software development services, from website and mobile app development to ERP and CRM systems. 


Address: Surya Sumantri street no.8-B, Sukawarna, district Sukajadi, Bandung city, West Java 40164.

3. GITS Indonesia

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, GITS Indonesia is a Google Certified Agency for Android (2018) and has developed more than 100 applications for over 100 clients. Their expertise spans across various software development needs. 


Address: Summarecon Bandung, Magna Timur street No.106, Rancabolang, district Gedebage, Bandung city, West Java 40296.

4. Walden Global Services

Established in 2006, Walden Global Service (WGS) offers tailored software solutions to meet company needs. Their services include Agile Development, Project Based, Managed Services, Design Services, and Quality Assurance. 


Address: Soekarno Hatta street No.104, district Babakan Ciparay, Bandung city, West Java 40223.

5. Arkamaya

With over 12 years of experience in the IT industry, Arkamaya specializes in custom software development tailored to meet specific company requirements. 


Address: Ruko Nuansa Indah S7-S8 Buah Batu, Ciparay street, Kujangsari, District Bandung Kidul, Bandung city, West Java 40287.

6. Bridge Technology Services

Known as BTS, Bridge Technology Services has been serving clients since 2008. With expertise in Finance & Banking, Health & Life Sciences, Retail, Logistics & Transportation, and Natural Resources, BTS is a versatile software house equipped to handle a wide range of industry needs.


Address: Ter. Sutami street | No. 36, Sukagalih, district Sukajadi, Kota Bandung, West Java 40163

7. Sagara Technology

Founded in 2014, Sagara Technology offers three main services: Digital Projects (Web Technology & Augmented Reality), Creative Projects (UI & UX Design), and Web3 Services (Smart Contract Development, AI, NFT, & Decentralized Finance). Their comprehensive approach makes them a strong contender for various digital needs.


Address: Telekomunikasi street No.1 Sukapura, district Dayeuhkolot , Bandung, West Java 40257

8. Sineka

Specializing in software development and IT consulting, Sineka focuses on IT solutions along with related services such as Advertising and Digital Marketing. Their diverse offerings ensure that they can cater to a wide array of business requirements. 


Street: Batununggal Jelita II street No.22, Mengger, district Bandung Kidul, Bandung City, West Java 40267

9. Smooets

Established in 2019, Smooets aims to provide innovative technology solutions to help business grow. Their team comprises experienced professionals in software development, programmer outsourcing, and mobile app development, making them a reliable choice for tech-driven projects. 


Address: Holis Regency street No.37A Blok M, Babalan, Babakan Ciparay, Bandung City, West Java 20222

Choosing the software house for your project is a crucial decision. The nine recommended options above a starting point for your selection process. Be sure to research each company further and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.  

Remember, a good software house not only offers robust technical solutions but also has a deep understanding of your business, delivering innovative and effective solutions. Best of luck with your project, and may it achieve outstanding results. 

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