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Coffee on The Go Jago Coffee: No #1 Cafe on Wheels!


Jago Coffee has become well-known for these several years. Was found in 2020, this iconic brand of coffee placed by its service and the style of coffee making. Indonesian people have a particular habit in consuming a coffee. Instead of choosing black coffee, this society preferred to choose coffee-milk. Besides the taste is good, it could be everyone favorite in every ages. Meanwhile, black coffee has so much benefit for health. 

People normally drink coffee three times a day. This kind of habit is rare to be known. They will start a day by a cup of coffee, one cup more in the afternoon, and one another they will have it on the late afternoon or evening to make sure they still on to do every activity in daily basis. 

So, what is something interesting of this coffee brand? 

This article will bring you several knowledge and intention of this brand along with its purpose of the business. 

1. Fresh coffee roasted by local farmer directly.

To maintaining the good quality of the coffee, Jago Coffee provide only the best coffee from local farmer directly. This coffee only fresh for 3 or 4 days. More than that day, they will produce the new one and will not use the previous coffee. This effort as one of the good ways for Jago Coffee to have best coffee with friendly-price. 

2. Coffee on wheels!

Jago Coffee is the first brand coffee ever who has this tyle of marketing. People call it a card to name an electric bicycle that bring the barista with the café around. The style of going around of the society actually it’s common. People call it Starling. The name came from the well-known coffee brand and shop Starbucks and Keliling in Bahasa means go around. The things that make it different is Jago Coffee only provide a coffee fresh from the seeds meanwhile, Starling commonly sell an instant coffee. 

This electric card also aimed to decrease environment issue such as air pollution. It’s kinda a good move to prepare good future, isn’t it? By the wheel, barista will sell the coffee go around to the society and ready to provide an only best coffee. 

The behavior of Indonesian people in enjoying coffee have been exist for formerly. But the taste of coffee a bit different as it supposed to be. This society preferred milk-coffee than an original black coffee. That’s why Indonesia has bunch of instant coffee brands. The behavior of enjoying coffee on the street is already exist anyway. Jago Coffee has an intention to bring the habit of consuming black coffee instead of milk-coffee. In fact, that black coffee has so much benefits for health, hasn’t it? 

3. Jagoan as your personal barista.

Jagoan is the barista that work for Jago Coffee. In Bahasa, Jagoan means a master. So Jagoan is kind of master of coffee from Jago Coffee. They have trained by the company in order serve the best service for every customer. 

There are several rules that Jagoan(s) must have, such as, they must have good knowledge of coffee, know well how to make a coffee before they hand it off the customers, hygiene, no long hair and long nail, friendly, and talkative. All this rules they will get from the training. Daniel Sidik mentioned in a podcast

“We don’t want to have a random barista to be a Jagoan. So this is the standard. This goal hopefully became a standardization of street vendor in Indonesia in the future”

Daniel as co-Founder of Jago Coffee said that they have a goal to standardize street vendor which is a good way to move for better future. This thing also makes a distinguish between Starling and Jago Coffee. 

4. Support to provide a best coffee with friendly-cost for healthy life.

Indonesia with a rich land that also has a varies of coffee seeds must be a good chance for the people to have a good coffee drink within good behavior. Since black coffee is good for health, Jago Coffee wants that Indonesian people should move from the behavior drinking milk-coffee with the real coffee (black coffee). 

With the aim to support local farmer that provide coffee seeds, Jago Coffee also wants something fresh for the coffee in the cup that ready to go. With the low price and accessible market, it helps people needs to reach it with the ease. 

5. Jago Coffee Mobile App as additional service to bring customer the ease. 

Coffee to the go as the tag line that align with the vision of Jago Coffee, Jagoan will present you the coffee directly. There’s no need third parties to do it, Jagoan will come for you. By mobile app, Jago coffee aimed to give customer an ease to be able enjoy the coffee. It means there are 2 ways for the customer to order the coffee, whether by offline or online through the mobile app. 

Mobile app often become plus one service of many companies. Since mobile app as an accessible way for many people to get what they want by the palm of the hand. The existed of mobile app also provide the customer the update about the product even for a promo. The engagement of Jago Coffee with loyal customer will brings a good relationship of both parties. Besides Jago Coffee will know closer about customer favor, customer able to tract a suitable coffee by the preference. 

Jago Coffee once became Vodjo’s client in developing mobile app. This collaboration emits a good result for Jago Coffee existence. We are happy to know that this well-known brand has collaborated with us. Hopefully the services will bring the joy for Jago Coffee customer anytime and anywhere. 

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