On Page SEO

5 common mistakes of On-Page SEO, unconsciously were done by many people!


For you, website owners who run online businesses, there is no doubt that you want your website to appear on the first position of the search engine page. One of the methods is by applying SEO. However, even when you have done so, sometimes you do 5 common mistakes of On-Page SEO unconsciously.

Therefore, the SEO or Search Engine Optimization application doesn’t run in the best way. If SEO runs well, it can play a huge role in boosting site traffic. So, please note these mistakes commonly done in applying SEO.

5 Common Mistakes of On-Page SEO

Here are some common mistakes unconsciously done in applying On-Page SEO:

1. Duplicated Contents

It means that a content appears in more than one “place” on the internet. So, if the same contents appear in more than one website addresses, they will be categorized as “duplicated contents”.

The risk is that duplicated contents can result in the intricacy of the search engine for finding which version is the most relevant to the search demand. That is why you should make high quality contents, including original ones, not plagiarized ones.

A high quality website content is not only preferable by Google, but it also can increase visitor experience. This explains that content and SEO are inseparable.

2. Underestimating Technical SEO

The next 5 common mistakes of On-Page SEO is when you don’t apply technical SEO in the best way. That includes all works that are connected with the website, except the content. So, it is important for you to give the best experience to users when they open the site.

Here are some parts of technical SEO that should be kept in mind:

  • Site speed
    A fast site has an indicator as a good site in the presence of Google. That makes the site easy to be crawled and of course liked by the site page users.
  • Crawlability and index
    Crawlability is related to the effectiveness of search engines in accessing and searching pages on the site before adding them to its database or index. Google will index site pages before they are shown on the search engine.
3. Broken internal and external links

Both of these are very important. When the process of Internal Link and External Link enters a broken link, it means a huge danger. This will result in the appearance of 404 on the user’s screen page.

This clearly isn’t a useful information for the users and it is not what the users want. This can also cause a decrease in your website’s user traffic. Furthermore, users and Google will assume that the website has a bad quality.

A more horrible effect is that it can cause the site rank to drop because the website is not indexed and is considered to have a bad quality by the search robot of the search engine.

4. Underestimating keywords research

The next thing on 5 common mistakes of On-Page SEO is using keywords unwisely. Keywords have a crucial role to support the performance of SEO. This process is related to your content strategies.

Over-general keywords will surely complicate things for the search engine to find the content’s purpose. Or even worse, it will directly affect the ranking and amount of clicks.

5. Skipping Meta Title and Meta Description

The process of SEO optimization is complicated but actually easy. You just need to pay attention to some aspects, such as adding title tag and meta description.

Title tag or the appearing title on the search engine page aims to show the main core of the content. Meanwhile, meta description contains a brief summary of the content under the title tag.

Both of them are important. That’s why they are paired and they must be kept in mind so that the search engine can index the website more easily. Maximizing this is also useful to attract users’ attention. So, the amount of clicks and the traffic will increase eventually.

Those are the information about 5 common mistakes of On-Page SEO which you probably do. What are you waiting for? Do improvements starting from now! Hope this will be useful.