From User Research to User Journey Map (UXID Bandung Meetup)

From User Research to User Journey Map (UXID Bandung Meetup)


On April 27, 2019, Vodjo once again collaborated with UXID Bandung as one of the sponsors for the “From User Research to User Journey Map” event. It featured Virginia Vionasaphira from Gojek, the largest unicorn company in Indonesia, as the facilitator.

In this event, Virginia, one of the UX Research at the company, provided some essential knowledge, including:

  1. Why UX Research is important in the design process
  2. How to conduct UX Research and enrich your findings
  3. How to synthesize and map out research findings to a comprehensive user journey map.

Additionally, some insightful knowledge on the importance of UX research in conducting user experience research was acquired, they are:

  1. Providing opportunities for the UI / UX Designers to discover and learn about the behavior of the target user.
  2. Reality checking on how the target product’s condition on the field.
  3. Researching, which is the most important basis for designing a product and application so that it can be tailored to the needs of the user.

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