Team Augmentation

Vodjo provides professional IT talents to help completing software development projects in your company, making the process more efficient.
Team Augmentation Services
Discover high-quality talents for your agile software development project

In the current digital era, many companies require Information Technology (IT) to grow their businesses. Therefore, professional IT talents are needed to successfully complete the company’s IT projects. With Vodjo, we provide experienced IT talents who have undergone rigorous training to create quality resources.

Entrusting Vodjo as your company’s IT outsourcing partner to find professional IT talents will enhance the efficiency and smoothness of the desired performance. Your company can save costs by eliminating the need for training budgets, as the provided IT talents are ready to work with the necessary skills and knowledge for your company’s projects. Moreover, your company will also be spared the time and effort of recruitment processes to find the required IT talents.

Team Augmentation Benefit

Firstly, it provides cost-efficiency by allowing access to specialized skills without the need to hire permanent in-house staff, reducing expenses related to salaries, benefits, and office resources. Secondly, IT staff augmentation enables faster project completion by bringing in external expertise, eliminating the wait for new hires to gain necessary qualifications and experience. This accelerates project timelines and ensures efficient execution.

Furthermore, organizations benefit from increased flexibility as they can quickly scale their IT workforce to meet demand during growth periods or downsize during economic downturns. Moreover, utilizing IT staff augmentation services provides access to high levels of expertise without investing in additional training.

Lastly, organizations gain better control over their resources by closely monitoring augmented employees’ activities and customizing workflows and processes. This enhanced control improves efficiency, reduces costs, and increases overall IT productivity, leading to higher profits.

Team Augmentation Technology

Vue.js, React, and AngularJS

PHP (Laravel / Lumen / CodeIgniter), Node.js (Express / Socket.IO / NestJS), Python (Flask / FastAPI / Django), Go (Gin / Beego / Go kit), and .NET (ASP .NET / ASP .NET Core)

Android SDK (Java or Kotlin), iOS SDK (Objective-C or Swift), React Native, and Flutter

Cloud Computing, CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery), Docker, and Kubernetes

AI (Artificial Intellegence) and IoT (Internet of Things)

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