The Best Golang Framework that You Can Try in 2024

The Best Golang Framework that You Can Try in 2024


Talking about programming will always become an interesting topic, one of those is Golang. This article will present you about Golang and things relate to it. 

What is Golang?

Golang or Go Language is the shortened name of this programming language. As we know, it starts with “Go”, and it’s a programming language managed by Google. But Google didn’t do it alone. They teamed up with three skilled IT figures in 2009: Robert Geriesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. Together, they developed this programming language until it became well-known and widely used by developers. 

This programming language can be typed statically and can produce binary codes on machines compiled with it. Originating from the 21st century, the Golang programming language seeks to gather its predecessors. It’s inspired by the C language but with additional features that make it more modern and user-friendly. Making technological products such as websites, applications, and software can also use this programming language. 

Exploring the Golang Programming Language Functions. 

Once we grasp what Golang is, here are some functions of the Golang programming language that you must know as a developer. 

  • Golang is the right choice for building high-performance web servers.
  • Golang can build a high-performance and more complex system.
  • Golang helps build a more scalable developer team.
  • Golang can develop online storage technology with large storage media.

7 Advantages of the Golang Programming Language.

Here are the advantages of Golang that could be crucial considerations for you before creating and developing technological products. 

  1. High performance: Golang can generate code very quickly and efficiently, making it easier for visitors to access the application. Golang is compiled into machine code, hence its speed can surpass other programming languages. 
  2. Easy to learn: Golang has simple and easy-to-learn syntax. Its syntax style is considered simpler and easier to understand compared to other programming languages. 
  3. Open source: its platform is open source, meaning you can use it for free and without limitations. 
  4. Golang provides notifications if typing errors occur during the compilation process.
  5. Golang has a garbage collection feature, which means memory management is easier compared to other programming languages. Golang can collect them in one garbage collector. 
  6. No need to worry about application errors or crashes because Golang has been widely used by larger companies.
  7. Cost and time-saving: Golang can create applications using a short amount of time and lower development costs compared to others.

Golang’s Top 10 Frameworks

1. Buffalo 

Buffalo is a Golang framework for comprehensive application development. With complete functions, Buffalo supports both backend and frontend frameworks.

2. Web.go

Web.go is a Go web framework commonly used by developers with many projects requiring fast routing. No wonder, this Golang framework is famous for its tree routing system. 

3. Gocraft

Gocraft is a Go web framework commonly used for developing high-performance backend websites. Its speed is considered 40 times faster than Martini. 

4. Goji

Goji is a Golang framework commonly used for developing simple and lightweight APIs. Being just one layer above Go Language, Goji her essential generic functions, making it fast. 

5. Martini

This framework has a very Indonesian name. Martini is a Golang framework for web development with a slim design. However, it’s not as fast as Gin framework since it’s commonly used for developing large applications. 

6. Gorilla

Gorilla is a popular Golang framework used in developing simple to complex website applications. For instance, it’s great for creating simple APIs that still need development. s

7. Revel

Revel is a well-known Golang framework with very comprehensive functions or features. It covers functions for small to large and complex projects, saving you from the hassle of installing plugins. 

8. Echo

This Go web framework is quite fast for building high-performance web applications. Echo features an Optimized router that prioritizes HTTP access to specific applications according to settings, running without dynamic memory. 

9. Gin

Gin is a minimalist Golang framework. Usually used for single-page application development, it’s also popular among beginners who want to develop simple website applications. 

10. Beego

Beego is a framework commonly used for developing complex websites, websites applications, and REST APIs, Therefore, it’s not recommended for beginners.


Golang will help you to enhance your technology product quickly and systematically. You can consider customizing it to fit the project you are currently working on or planning to execute.

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