3 Ways to Increase Website Domain Authority

3 Ways to Increase Website Domain Authority, In Order To Make Your Website Appear on the First Page


Having a website and being able to appear on the Google first page is definitely the dream of every website owner. So, you need to try the ways to increase website domain authority. Website users usually call this term Domain Authority or DA.

If you want to achieve online visibility with organic traffic that is needed by website visitors, you better start increasing your DA. Without this DA, the website won’t be visible to potential visitors and partners. For more explanation, check these paragraphs below!

What is A Good Domain Authority?

Website Domain authority is a metric that can help search engine to decide the credibility and authority rate of a website. Generally, the higher the authority score of a website, the bigger the chance of the site to appear on search engine results.

The score can vary from 0 (low authority) to 100 (very authoritative). A website that has high authority will get an easier ranking. This means that the website can appear in competitive search on the first page of search engine results.

These Are The Ways to Increase Website Domain Authority

If you want to increase your website domain authority, you can use these steps:

1. Follow SEO Practice Strategy

If you want to increase website domain authority, you can start by practicing to learn SEO and follow all professional structures of SEO industry optimization.

By doing so, it can help the website owner to increase the ranking. The search result can surely strengthen the score of website domain authority.

You better optimize the contents on your page. This will help the appearance to be better on the search result. Here are On-Page SEO Optimization that you must know:

  • Content title tag
  • Picture alt tag
  • Content’s meta description
  • Content’s keywords

Each of these elements can play a significant role for your SEO ranking. On-Page SEO is crucial for Website Domain Authority. By working on optimization which is needed for SEO, it will help increase your ranking and your website domain authority.

2. Follow Backlink Strategy

High quality content has the potential to get high quality website backlink. So, you better find backlinks from high-authority domains.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to gain a backlink from a high authority domain because there has to be a strong and planned strategy for that.

However, there is no problem with purchasing from DA backlink manufacturing services that have high authority. But the cost you should spend is definitely quite expensive.

3. Create linkable contents

Increasing website domain authority can be done by making linkable contents. It means that the contents are able to play an important role in increasing your website score.

Thus, you only need to invest your time and effort to make amazing content. In order to be able to create linkable contents, you can follow these steps:

  • First, pick relevant keywords because it will decide whether your contents are shown on the search result or not. A suitable keyword can direct visitor traffic so that they become interested in the content.
  • Focus more on quality rather than quantity. High quality content can give the audience a more interesting experience.
  • Continue publishing contents consistently. The more consistent you are in distributing the contents, the bigger the chance for authoritative sites to link to your website.
  • The higher the link quality, the more ability to help increase your website domain score. Overall, it is better to focus on posting high quality contents and high value contents regularly than posting them randomly and irregularly.

Those are the explanations and ways to increase website domain authority. The point is if you want to succeed, you must be consistent, patient, and innovative, especially in making your website contents. Hopefully this helps.